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QCzech is a proud member of the QWorld network. It was founded as a QCousin by individuals from the Czech Technical University in Prague and the Masaryk University on 5 October 2020.

We share the main aim of the QWorld network to have an open access and public global ecosystem for quantum technologies and quantum software by the year 2025, in which each interested hardworking individual, group, institute from any part of the world can easily take part.

Our goal is to connect enthusiastic individuals, groups, organisations, and businesses in the Czech Republic to the global community of QWorld.


8-13 February 2021

Join our free on-line QBronze workshop!

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10 February 2021, 18:00 CET

Understanding quantum matter using intelligent machines

QWebinar by Eliška Greplová (Delft University of Technology)

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Q&A session with Scott Aaronson on Quantum Supremacy with Boson Sampling
Scott Aaronson, the inventor of Boson Sampling, is perhaps the best-known scientist in quantum computing and complexity theory, and also the author of the popular blog “Shtetl-Optimized.” In this in-depth Q&A session, Scott addressed the burning questions around the latest demonstration of quantum supremacy using an optical quantum computer.
QDrive@Brno 2 | June 17-19, 2019
Workshop on Introduction to Quantum Programming FI MUNI Brno QHost: Dr. Jan BoudaWorkshop leader: Dr. Abuzer YakaryilmazQMentors: Dr. Daniel Reitzner (Brno), Libor Caha (Bratislava),...

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