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QSilver workshops

QSilver is QWorld’s intermediate level workshop series on quantum computing and programming focusing on complex numbers, QFT and Shor’s Algorithm created in October 2020. 

Silver is a collection of Jupyter notebooks, and each notebook has many programming tasks to provide hands-on experiences. It is a continuation of Bronze, in which the basics of quantum computing and quantum programming were introduced. Silver includes two different quantum programming frameworks, Qiskit and Cirq.

Gitlab repository for Silver:  https://gitlab.com/qworld/silver

The outline of a typical QSilver

QSilver consists of two introductory notebooks to review the basic primitives of the two quantum programming frameworks, Cirq and Qiskit and the main notebooks in which QFT and Shor’s algorithm are introduced.


The prerequisite for Silver is having completed the Bronze material or a similar course in Qiskit. 

Before the workshop

Download or clone the repo: https://gitlab.com/qworld/silver

Each participant should do certain installations and then test her system by following the instruction in “installation.pdf”. 

During the workshop

Silver has five main sections. 

  • Introduction to complex numbers (Basics of complex numbers, quantum states and operators with complex numbers)
  • Bloch Sphere (Global and local phase, Bloch sphere, operations on Bloch sphere)
  • Operations with Complex Numbers (Quantum gates with complex numbers, operations on Bloch sphere)
  • Quantum Fourier Transform and its applications
  • Shor’s algorithm