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QCzech aims to meet the requirements and obligations of the GDPR.


In short, QCzech mainly uses cookies for its website and stores and processes the personal data of newsletter’s subscribers and the applicants who fill the registration forms of the activities QCzech takes part as an organizer,  partner or a similar role. The details will be given in the rest of the document.

QCzech makes every effort to respect privacy and ensure the security of the user’s personal data collected by us.

No personal data will be sold to third parties.

QCzech will only share personal data with external third parties if the data subject has given explicit consent to the processing of those personal data in accordance with data protection legislation.

Besides its main purposes (e.g., receiving newsletter, receiving informative messages about the applied activity, etc.), the personal data can be used for statistical or research purposes or for retrieving certain information that will be helpful to QCzech to reach its goals or similar purposes that helps to strengthen QCzech. 

We reserve the right to change our Privacy Policy. Any changes to the privacy (resp., cookies) policy will be posted on this (resp., the related) page.

QCzech’s data protection officer

QCzech uses qczech.data [at] gmail.com e-mail address as the digital ID of QCzech’s data protection officer, referred as QCDPO. 

The current responsible and referring person for QCDPO is Aurél Gábris (since January 15, 2021) who is a researcher at the Faculty of Nuclear Sciences and Physical Engineering, Czech Technical Universityin Prague, Czech Republic. His work email address is gabris.aurel [at] fjfi.cvut.cz.

How to contact

For any concern or operation related to your data (deletion, modification, etc.) or for any issue about this document, please contact QCDPO by email.

In the cases explicitly mentioned below, the email address qczech.data [at] gmail.com may also be used for contact.

Privacy Statement

We describe each case in detail.

QCzech’s online/virtual platforms and accounts

Anyone can join/follow/like one of the following platforms/accounts voluntarily and also undo his or her action at any time. Each service provider has its own privacy policy.

QCzech’s Facebook page: facebook.com/qczech.quantum QCzech’s Twitter account: twitter.com/QuantumCzech QCzech’s Medium publication: medium.com/@qczech QCzech’s YouTube channel: youtube.com/channel/UCSAbXdLAbY-KguLA7q1k_Pg

QCzech’s website and cookies

QCzech’s website is qczech.org

Our website uses cookies. Our “Cookie Policy” can be accessed here:

Besides cookies, our newsletter subscription form is on our website, the details of which are given above.

Our website has the links for the application forms for the events organized or co-organized by QCzech or its partners in QWorld. These forms are not hosted on our website, and more information is given in the next section.

Our website can have external links to other websites. We have no control over these websites and they are subject to their own terms of use and privacy policies. We encourage the user to read their privacy policy.

QCzech’s activities (events, projects, etc) and registration forms

For activities (co-)organized by QCzech or other QWorld groups:

  • QCzech may or may not collect personal data. QCzech follows the policies outlined here whenever it collects personal data.
  • QCzech’s partners in QWorld or any other organizer may also collect personal data separately by providing their own privacy policies.
  • In the application forms, each privacy policy is clearly indicated and the confirmation of the applicant is requested for the privacy policy(ies).

QCzech stores personal data obtained from the applications on Google Drive attached to QCDPO. Google’s privacy policy can be accessed here: policies.google.com/privacy 

Registration forms created by QCzech:

  • QCzech creates an application form by using Google Forms and the owner of each form is QCDPO. 
  • The form will be prepared by the people in the organization team of the corresponding activity and the organization team will have access to the data being collected by the form. QCDPO removes this access no later than a month after the last day of the activity. 
  • During the period mentioned in the above item, the organizers can use and process applicant data for implementing and operating the activity, e.g., sending informative messages about the activity, selecting participants, etc.
  • QCzech may store the applicant data after the activity.
  • As the newsletter is the main communication channel using email, QCzech usually does not communicate with the applicants by sending direct emails. However, in some exceptional cases in which QCzech believes that the sending message would be relevant to the message receivers, QCzech can contact all or some of the participants by using their stored email addresses, e.g., an announcement of a new project or program, an invitation for the application of a new internship program by QCzech or by a partner of QWorld. 

The information collected on the application forms typically is 

  1. basic personal info (i.e., name, surname, gender, email address, school or company, class or position, affiliations, etc);
  2. permissions or confirmations (confirmation of privacy policy, code of conduct, taking pictures during the event, confirming being younger than 18 years old or not, etc.); and,
  3. personal info and opinions that might be helpful or useful when selecting the accepted applicants (e.g., being a member of QWorld, expectation from the activity, previous experience or knowledge).

For modifying or deleting your data collected by the application forms, please contact QCDPO.

  • If any of your preference or confirmation or similar info will still be needed by QCzech (e.g., you give the permission that your photo can be taken during the event and then published on the event’s website), an email containing this information should be provided to QCDPO before removing your data.
  • If any personal data is asked to be removed before or during the related activity, the application may no longer be eligible for being accepted to the activity, or may be excluded from the list of accepted applications.

Visual images (photographs and videos)

QCzech asks the permission of the participants of an activity (e.g., on its application form) to take their photos, videos, or similar visual images before storing and processing.

Visual images can be used as part of public relation or marketing strategies. Visual images can be uploaded on the event’s websites or they can be posted on QCzech’s social media or online platforms or they can be used in graphical materials prepared by QCzech.

Visual images are stored by QCDPO to be used in the future for similar purposes.

Minors (under 18 years of age)

QCzech may request a signed copy of the consent from the parents or the guardian of a minor taking part in a QCzech’s activity. The signed copy is kept by the organizer(s) of the activity and a copy of it can be kept by QCDPO. 

QCzech does not process the information provided in such documents.

Other cases

For any case not listed here, either this document is revised and updated or a separate privacy policy is provided.

Last updated: 29 January 2021